Every Classroom Matters Episode 202

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Teaching hard to reach students can be so frustrating. Master teacher and motivator Ron Clark shares his secrets for reaching kids and staying motivated to teach. I especially LOVED the advice he has about what we should remember before we start complaining!

Reaching Hard to reach students with Ron Clark

I’m curious how many of you listeners out there agree with Ron about how he doesn’t necessarily give cookies to every kid in his class. Or how you feel about his statement that only the MVP deserves the trophy at the sports banquet. But whether you agree or disagree, I guarantee, Ron Clark is going to make you think (and laugh) in this episode of Every Classroom Matters. This was so much fun to record! (With his new viral video [below], lots of people are talking about Ron Clark right now.)

Essential Questions: Reaching Hard to Reach Students with Passion and Tough Love

  • Do some teachers just have more energy than others?
  • What do we do when we have a critical colleague bringing us down?
  • One important thing we should all remember before complaining to a colleague.
  • Timeless advice about one of the most important relationships every teacher has.

Resources for Teachers relating to Ron Clark

Yes, the Matthew Perry movie about Ron’s early teaching career is very inspirational. I watch it when I need some motivation. I love it that he’s still in the classroom and teaching.

Ron Clark quote about hard to reach kids

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